Lucy Du (holiday special)

Lucy Du (holiday special)
Clout Asia
Lucy Du (holiday special)

Dec 30 2022 | 00:18:01

Episode 5 December 30, 2022 00:18:01

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Lucy Du

Show Notes

With the holiday season upon us, we thought we might go back to where it all began. ⁠

Today's episode is an early cut with Clout co-founder Lucy, diving into a few themes that showcase the journey of Asia capable Australians. ⁠

We hope you enjoy, and look forward to bringing you new chats and more stories in 2023. ⁠

Listen where you get your podcasts. Happy New Year! ⁠

— ⁠

FOOD: Roujiamo - 肉夹馍 ⁠
SONG: Jay Chou - ‘East Wind Breaks' - 东风破 ⁠
SHOW: Chinese New Year Gala - 春晚 ⁠
PERSON: Kylie Kwong ⁠

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