Ben McMahon

Ben McMahon
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Ben McMahon

Jan 14 2023 | 00:24:39

Episode 6 January 14, 2023 00:24:39

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Lucy Du

Show Notes

Ben McMahon (孟杰明) is a Mandarin-language social media influencer turned property developer.

With studies from Beijing’s Peking University and Shanghai’s Fudan University under his belt, Ben founded a Mandarin-language walking tour company in Melbourne before taking to the silver screen to star in television shows such as "If You Are The One" (非诚勿扰) and his very own "Informal Talks" (非正式会谈) telecast. 

We asked Ben to take us on his journey to Asia capability by nominating a food, a song, a movie and person that help us understand what being an Asia-capable Australian is all about.


FOOD: Shanghai dumplings - Xiaolongbao - 小笼包 


  • Song Dongye - Miss Dong (宋冬野 - 董小姐)
  • Eric Chou - The Distance of Love (周兴哲 - 以后别做朋友)

TV Show: Informal Talks - 非正式会谈

PERSON: Meng Fei - 孟非

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