Natalie Liddiard-Gray

Natalie Liddiard-Gray
Clout Asia
Natalie Liddiard-Gray

Feb 11 2023 | 00:10:48

Episode 8 February 11, 2023 00:10:48

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Lucy Du

Show Notes

Natalie Liddiard-Gray is an educational leader. She has spent the last decade recognizing and developing the talents of a generation of young Shanghainese at the renowned YCIS International School, following earlier stints in Melbourne, Sydney & Guangxi Province, China.   

Her journey to Asia capability spans deep friendships with punk rockers in China's Zhuang Autonomous Region through to mentoring volunteers at Lifeline Shanghai who support members of the public in times of emotional crisis.  

We asked Nat to take us on her journey to Asia capability by nominating a food, song, TV show and person that help us understand what being an Asia-capable Australian is all about.


FOOD: Oil tea "Youcha" 油茶

SONG: P.K. 14 - Tell the Children告诉孩子们

MOVIE: Chungking Express 《重庆森林》

PERSON: Christopher Doyle 杜可风

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