Jessica Mudditt

Jessica Mudditt
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Jessica Mudditt

Mar 12 2023 | 00:36:02

Episode 10 March 12, 2023 00:36:02

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Lucy Du

Show Notes

Jessica Mudditt is the author of Our Home in Myanmar – Four Years in Yangon, a memoir that describes her life in Myanmar in the lead-up to the historic general elections of 2015. She worked in Myanmar as a journalist at the state-run newspaper The Myanmar Times, as well as for the British Embassy and the UN.

Jessica is also a freelance journalist currently based in Sydney. Her articles have been published by Forbes Magazine, BBC, The Economist Intelligence Unit, and CNN.

We asked Jessica to take us on her journey to Asia capability by nominating a food, song, TV show, and person that help us understand what being an Asia-capable Australian is all about.


MOVIE: The Lady

SONG: Kabar Ma Kyay Bu” (ကမ္ဘာမကြေဘူး), also translated as “We Won't Be Satisfied Until the End of the World” (Lyrics: The song that will be remembered in history is written with our blood | To our heroes that have fallen fighting for democracy)


FOOD: Burmese tea leaf salad (lahpet thoke)

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