Friska Wirya

Friska Wirya
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Friska Wirya

Apr 22 2023 | 00:22:50

Episode 3 April 22, 2023 00:22:50

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Lucy Du

Show Notes

Friska is Indonesian-Australian and has worked for the biggest names in mining, engineering and technology, leading change programs that have influenced over 20,000 people across 6 continents, transforming organisations to enable them to better respond to the changing environment.

Not just a global change management leader, Friska has led by example for women in business and women in leadership, and Friska regularly speaks and advocates for minority women in leadership on the global stage at events such as TEDx, Women in Tech, Women in Leadership, Future of Mining Sydney.

We asked Friska to take us on her journey to Asia capability by nominating a food, song, movie, and person that help us understand what being an Asia-capable Australian is all about.


FOOD: Durian

SONG: Gregorian monk chanting

MOVIE: Minari directed by Lee Isaac Chung

PERSON: Esther Perel

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